Protecting Our Environment

Representative Ammons is a passionate defender of the Environment and has a 100% rating from the Illinois Environment Council. Making sure we care for our environment is also critical for keeping our community healthy. Ammons sponsored House Bill 1326, which prevented manufacturers from polluting near the Mahomet Aquifer, the primary source of fresh water in the Champaign-Urbana area. Over 750,000 people use the Aquifer for drinking water everyday, and protecting it from harmful pollutants has kept thousands safe. House Bill 1326 has been signed into law. 


Providing Critical Healthcare Services

Representative Ammons understands navigating the healthcare system is a daunting change for many hard-working families. That is why she sponsored House Bill 6213, a bill that reduces the information gap Medicaid consumers experience when selecting a Medicaid Managed Care Plan. Under it, all directories, medications lists, and formularies are updated so they are clear and easy to read. House Bill 6213 passed both the House and the Senate and awaits action from the Governor.


Tax on Multi-Millionaires to Help Local Schools

In 2014, area residents overwhelmingly supported a millionaires’ tax to improve funding for local schools. Ammons knows that too many of our local schools struggle to make ends meet and give our students the education they deserve. She sponsored House Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 26, a plan that would increase funding for our schools by requiring millionaires – the majority of whom live in Chicago and the wealthy Chicago suburbs – to pay more to help our students.


Ending Unfair Charges for Prison Phone Calls

Representative Ammons believes when a person has been incarcerated, the connections to their family and support system are some of the greatest tools to recovery. In Illinois, prison phone calls are among the highest in the nation and include a commission for the state. Ammons sponsored legislation to cap the amount a person can be charged for a prison phone call, eliminating the state’s commission and preventing the state from taking advantage of some of the poorest residents. House Bill 6200 passed the General Assembly.


Creating Jobs through Clean Energy

The price of energy continues to increase, so it’s important to think long-term and create sustainable energy solutions that will keep energy prices low for decades to come. Working with business, labor and environmental groups, Ammons is supporting a comprehensive proposal, House Bill 2607, calling for improved renewable energy standards and the creation of clean jobs throughout Illinois. Her legislation will expand the use of renewable energy and increase energy efficiency, which will help improve our environment while creating new, green jobs. The Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition’s initiative has the potential to create tens of thousands of jobs in Illinois, while saving consumers money and creating a more sustainable energy portfolio.


Cracking Down on Illegal Gun Sales

Ammons knows that stopping the flow of illegal firearms is essential to preventing violence in our communities. That’s why she supported bipartisan legislation to crack down on criminals who illegally smuggle weapons into Illinois. The bill states that unlicensed gun owners who bring firearms or ammunition into the state in an attempt to sell their weapons will face tough, mandatory sentences of up to 30 years in prison. House Bill 6303 passed the General Assembly.


Increasing Voter Participation

Ammons believes that while our state is growing more diverse, many communities have been historically under-represented at the polls. Because she knows the best way to make effective change in our government is to vote, she sponsored a measure that would modernize voter registration and allow eligible people to register to vote at state agencies while doing other state related tasks, such as renewing a driver’s license. This effort will be able to close the gap of more than 2 million unregistered voters and increase participation in the civic process. Senate Bill 250 passed the both the House and Senate and awaits action from the Governor.


Ensuring Quality Child Care

When children in Illinois are being cared for, it is important that child care professionals receive standardized training to keep young people safe. To help ensure child care providers receive the most up to date guidance, Ammons sponsored a measure that would guarantee child care providers who receive state funds are paid $15 per hour for any mandated trainings and orientation. Senate Bill 2536 passed the General Assembly.