Community Advisory Panels are extremely helpful in enacting our shared vision for a better Illinois and stronger community. Your voice truly matters and this is a great way to stay involved and have a further impact.

Community Advisory Panels assist in monitoring the bills that are being introduced, assessing them for how they will impact the 103rd district, and developing legislation that is needed for Champaign-Urbana. Each panel has a competent and capable intern providing research support and organizing meetings. Time commitment is flexible, the committees meet weekly, however, a lot of participation can be done through email or phone. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

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During the months of January-May, each panel meets weekly at the district office, June-December panels meet on an as needed basis depending on the schedule of the veto session and if the panel has identified legislation they want to draft themselves. Meetings are held at the district office, 407 E University Avenue in Champaign, between 4th and 5th streets. The building is handicap accessible and there is free parking in the back of the building. The meeting will begin on time and won't be more than an hour, we appreciate you volunteering your time and want to be respectful of that.

The panels are divided into six areas: Business, Trade, and Labor, Education, Environment and Energy, Government, Taxes, and Infrastructure, Health and Human Services, and Judicial and Criminal Justice Reform. Each panel has a competent and capable intern providing research support and facilitating meetings. The time commitment is flexible with the committees meeting weekly at the Champaign district office but a lot of participation can be done through email or Facebook. To find the panels on Facebook, click on the panel you're interested in below:

Business, Trade, and Labor Panel

Education Panel

Environment and Energy Panel

Government, Taxes, and Infrastructure Panel

Health and Human Services Panel

Judicial and Criminal Justice Reform Panel

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