Joint Town Hall

On Monday March 13th, State Senator Scott Bennett and Representative Carol Ammons will be hosting a joint town hall update to discuss upcoming legislation and the status of the budget along with answering questions from constituents. The town hall will be from 5 - 6:30pm in Carpenter's Hall, 402 S Duncan Rd Champaign, IL 61821. 

The Impact of Court Fines & Fees Task Force

On January 23rd, Representative Ammons held a discussion with Representative Nekritz regarding the impact of court fines and fees on the community. The report published by the state commission highlights how the addition of new fees and fines to fund government expenses which creates barriers to justice and penalizes low income individuals. As a result, this also contributes  to a cycle of poverty and increased risk of recidivism. Check out the task force report to learn how state government should work to combat this crisis in the criminal justice system:

Community Discussion: The Impact of Fines & Fees

Join Representative Nekritz (57th District) and me in a community discussion of the recently released report, Findings and Recommendations for Addressing Barriers to Access to Justice and Additional Issues Associated with Fees and Other Court Costs in Civil, Criminal, and Traffic Proceedings.

Representative Nekritz served on the state commission, the Statutory Court Fee Task Force, that recently released the report.  The Task Force, created as part of the Access to Justice Act, has issued its findings, including legislative recommendations for addressing barriers to access to justice and additional issues associated with fees and other court costs in civil, criminal, and traffic proceedings. The report found, for example, that court fines and fees are constantly increasing and outpacing inflation. The report highlights how county authorities can add new fees and fines to fund government expenses, and, as the report’s title implies, this creates barriers to justice which penalize low-income individuals and can also contribute to a cycle of poverty and increased risk of recidivism.

Monday, January 23, 2016


Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center

202 S Broadway, Urbana



Urbana, Ill. – The Champaign District Office for State Representative Carol Ammons is now hiring for a Constituent & Administrative Services Staff.

The Constituent & Administrative Services Staff provides assistance and resources to constituents who contact the district office regarding a variety of issues. This position acts as a liaison to district and local agencies for the State Representative and constituents and answers casework correspondence and verbal communications with constituents. This position also provides critical administrative support to the Chief of Staff.

To be successful in this post, professionalism, reliability, and problem-solving are required. This is a position with a diverse array of responsibilities and requires someone who is a self-starter, always looking to improve processes, and comfortable with technology. Due to the dual office nature of the position, one office in Champaign and one in Springfield, technology is an integral piece of the job. It is not expected that the ideal candidate already knows how to use the variety of platforms the office utilizes but that they are competent with computer use in general, versed in Microsoft applications, and comfortable using technology as a primary vehicle for communication.

The position is 30 hours per week at $15/hour. The office space is ADA accessible and located on University Avenue in Champaign, between 4th and 5th streets. This position requires experience working in multicultural communities. Equal opportunity employer, women, and minority candidates encouraged to apply.

To apply, submit your resume and an answer, with no more than 250 words, the question: “What is the purpose of an elected official offering constituent services?” send to No phone calls, please.